Pool Services of Central Florida provides a weekly, complete cleaning service. Our weekly service includes vacuuming the bottom of the pool, brushing the walls and tiles, skimming the surface of the pool, emptying skimmer and pump baskets as needed, and checking and balancing your water chemistry. On a monthly basis we will clean your cartridge filter and backwash your DE or sand filter every eight weeks.

We also offer a green to clean service, drain and cleans and one time cleanings.


Pool Services of Central Florida is a state of Florida Certified Commercial Pool and Spa Contractor operating under licence #CPC1458018. Swimming pool equipment repairs and installations are required to be repaired or installed by a licensed contractor. Not all pool companies have the required license to repair or replace your equipment lawfully. Protect yourself and make sure you are using a licensed contractor. Most pool equipment manufactures are now requiring their equipment be installed by licensed contractors to be able to qualify for the manufactures warranty.

We perform all types of equipment repairs and new equipment installations. Here is a list, but if you don't see what you are looking for please ask as there are too many to list.

*floor systems
*automation systems

*salt systems
*automatic valves
*automated chemical feeding systems


Pool Services of Central Florida provides swimming pool leak detection for both commercial and residential pools. We have located thousands of leaks over the years. We use the top of the line leak detecting equipment in the swimming pool industry. Over the years we have provided many leak detection services to swimming pool builders, renovators, home owners and management companies. We also have equipment that will tell us if your pool is leaking. If your pool is leaking we guarantee you we will find it!


Pool Services of Central Florida provides swimming pool renovations. If you can dream it them we can do it! We provide resurfacing, re-tiling, adding additions including sun decks, and deck renovations. Schedule an appointment and we will be happy to go over any ideas you may have or provide recommendations.

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